Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Cupcakes for Ally's friend birthday party today. She's having a Barbie theme so i made cupcake toppers to match. I printed off the Barbie head that I found online and then put my cirlce punches to work. I think they came out pretty cute:)
And I finally invested in one of these cupcake stands:
Once out of the box I was not that impressed with it...and of course I found a much cuter one today at Home Goods for the same price:( Oh well, I will make this one work.


Hot chocolate, marshmellows and toothpicks...this entertained these two for a loooong time on yet another SNOW DAY!! Two snow days this week...with the holiday and delayed opening on Weds there was only 1 1/2 days of school this week.


One of my favorite things about her new room is the peace sign string lights. I wish I could leave them on all night for her but they make me nervous so i unplug them as soon as she falls asleep. I also learned this night that she prefers to sleep with the shade up...not a problem now since its winter and doesn't get light until 7am...but that could be a problem in the summer.


Brandon doing his homework in front of the tv...I don't like him to do this but I don't complain since he gets really good grades. Whatever works for him! 


Another snow day! This was a very productive day for me...before 9am I had completely rearranged Ally's bedroom. That bed used to be a loft. Her room is super small so the idea was a loft bed would give her more space to play underneath. But in reality...she never played underneath. This way actually makes her room seem so much bigger! I need need to do a little purging soon, especially since she just got a lot of new toys for her birthday.


The last day of Max's Hudson basketball tournament...they made it to the semi finals. They played great against some tough teams.


She loves to sleep on the floor in the boy's room but I only let her on "special" nights...I figured her birthday was one of those nights:) Her she is still sleeping with her new blanket that her cousin Holly made her and Julie of course!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLIANA!!! My baby girl turned 5 today...a whole hand! I cannot even believe!
She had a great day despite that fact that she had to go to 2 of Max's basketball games an hour away...I surprised her and her friend with a trip to Build a Bear in between games:

I also surprised them with McDonalds where they happened to be having a grand opening celebration with Ronald McDonald himself! They were pretty excited. We ended the day with family over to celebrate. She got her beloved Julie American Girl Doll:
What a great day!


Just a cute picture of the dog...we love her so:)


Ally and I hit the motherload at Target today...major shoe clearance! I got these much needed new slippers and she got these super cute cowgirl boots (for $6!) and she also got 3 other pairs of shoes!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Our first snow day of the year! And it was a doozy...over a foot. This is Al helping somebody that got stuck in front of our house.



Max wasn't feeling well this morning so he stayed home from school...the 3 of us played monopoly:)



Monday...Our crazy schedule for the week! I am so afraid I will miss something!



I made a dress for Ally this weekend and a matching one for her American girl doll.  Ally joined me at the table with her castle and princesses...some quality girl time!



Max's first basketball game after Christmas break...he played great! It was a close game but they ended up with the win.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011



She woke up early this morning abd came down to snuggle Rosie...she ended up falling back to sleep:)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Thursday are playdate days for Ally and Nejat. They have gymnastics on thursdays so we take turns every week with the playdate before and after...this week was our house. They are playing Hedbanz which Ally would play 24/7 I'm pretty sure.



Homework time for Max. On this night he had a little more than usual and needed help with math. He has a piece of scrap paper in his hand and I had to tell him what to do with it...when I was growing up doing your math problems out on paper was always so important and they don't seem to really teach this anymore. It really help him with this homework.



Aside from the xbox she has also discovered the Wii! here she is playing High School Musical Sing It. She and I played this for most of the afternoon...I must admit I like it too:) Also on this day she had a hard time at ballet and we ended up leaving. This is the first time this has happened this year. She said she was cold (it was very cold in there) and came home and snuggled in my bed for a while.


She is always loving on her dog! We *think* Rosie likes it but sometimes she looks at us like "save me!" 



Ally got Kinectimals for the Xbox for Christmas. It was high on her list and she LOVES it! It is so odd to see her using the boys' xbox though...another reminder that she is growing up. And the dress up is very typical for her. When home she is hardly ever in her regular clothes.

Sunday, January 2, 2011



Hoping to blog more this year...keeping it simple with baby steps!