Friday, November 28, 2008


Our Thanksgiving in a nutshell... (click to see bigger)

Thanksgiving 08

We had a great day...great food, family time and a football game! We were missing the Martin's but are excited to see them in 20 days!

We ended the day at Al's brothers for more goodtimes...haven't seen many of them in a long time:
IMG_1297 web

And yesterday I had much success with my Christmas shopping after an alarm clock mishap that had be started a 1/2 hour late...I still managed to get all the bargains I was looking for!

And today we are putting up the tree:)

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

He's so easy...


The camera loves him:)

Have I really not posted since the 5th? Wow. Not much going on I guess. Especially in the photo dept. The weather has been yucky and I haven't taken out my camera in several days. Ordered a couple backdrops for the long winter for indoor pics. This is one of them and i am bummed because I thought it was going to be darker. Oh well. I also ordered pink for the girl but she was having no part of it. Hopefully I can make some use of it this weekend!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A glimpse into our life on the day history was made

Early yesterday morning I decided to keep myself busy Ali Edwards  style while waiting all day for election results. We can look back years from now and know what we were doing on this day...this amazing day...

The boys were off from school but were not home that morning because they were both at sleep overs the night before. It was just Ally, the dog and I.
IMG_0121 resize

IMG_0128 resize

IMG_0136 resize

IMG_0149 resizer


IMG_0159 resize

Fresh from the voting booth:
IMG_0178 resize

"Super Barack Supporter" (actually she thinks she is Sharpay from HSM...anything sparkly=Sharpay:
IMG_0180 resize

IMG_0190 rsize

IMG_0194 resize

My turn to vote...I was not allowed to wear my shirt inside...i did not know you couldn't do that:
IMG_0201 resize

The line of traffic to get to the don't see this very often in my small, little town:

IMG_0207 resize

I heard that at different times of day people walked right in but when I went there was a line.
IMG_0212 resize

Came home to this on my door...totally amazed by the grassroots effort:

Picked up one of the boys on the way to vote...
IMG_0228 resize

All she knows is that I came home with a cool sticker:
IMG_0224 resize

She was oblivious to the importance of the day...
IMG_0237 resize

He kind of understood, but video games were still more important...
IMG_0245 resize

He gets it...but still had to do his homework...
IMG_0244 resize

Too nervous and excited to cook...(we really look for any excuse not to cook)...checking out the take out menu..
IMG_0252 resize

Cute dog

Getting updates...
IMG_0255 resize

A day I will never forget.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Its been a long time coming...

this day that is.  It has felt like it would never get excited...nervous, but excited.

I haven't talked politics on this blog which is probably shocking for those who know me...but I know that people come here for cute pictures of my kids and not my politics:)  So I'll just keep showing cute pictures of my kids like this one:
IMG_0176 resize


Monday, November 3, 2008


FInally getting around to posting about Halloween!

Had my first little princess:

She was so in love with this costume...especially the shoes...and has worn many times a day since. She told everyone "I beautiful". And couldn't get enough of herself in the mirror:
IMG_9714 resize

I also had a football player...Randy Moss, to be exact:

IMG_9862 resize

And Brandon was a box..."Boxman" is a character from you tube that he thinks is hilarious...
IMG_9895 resize

I wasn't so sure but it was kind of funny when he would fall down:
IMG_9896 resize

And the other kids would attack him:
IMG_9908 resize

Hee, hee, hee...

Max's friends joined us for trick or treat:
IMG_9917 resize

And Billy and Holly too...
IMG_9925 resize

A fun time was had by least half way around the neighborhood until half of us were freezing our buts was very, very cold!

The next night (which was actually Halloween...we trick or treat on the 30th for some reason here) the kids had the annual Halloween Howl which is a dance party at school, so they got to dress up again. We still had a princess and a football player, but Boxman turned into Barack Obama because the box was not going to work at a dance party:
IMG_9991 vig resize

They had a blast, especially Ally who cut a rug all night long.