Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A glimpse into our life on the day history was made

Early yesterday morning I decided to keep myself busy Ali Edwards  style while waiting all day for election results. We can look back years from now and know what we were doing on this day...this amazing day...

The boys were off from school but were not home that morning because they were both at sleep overs the night before. It was just Ally, the dog and I.
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Fresh from the voting booth:
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"Super Barack Supporter" (actually she thinks she is Sharpay from HSM...anything sparkly=Sharpay:
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My turn to vote...I was not allowed to wear my shirt inside...i did not know you couldn't do that:
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The line of traffic to get to the don't see this very often in my small, little town:

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I heard that at different times of day people walked right in but when I went there was a line.
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Came home to this on my door...totally amazed by the grassroots effort:

Picked up one of the boys on the way to vote...
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All she knows is that I came home with a cool sticker:
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She was oblivious to the importance of the day...
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He kind of understood, but video games were still more important...
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He gets it...but still had to do his homework...
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Too nervous and excited to cook...(we really look for any excuse not to cook)...checking out the take out menu..
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Cute dog

Getting updates...
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A day I will never forget.

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  1. good pictures katie luv it i have something to look back on because i am a BAMA MAMA