Friday, May 13, 2016

Week in the Life | Thursday

Back again with my Thursday photos...

Coffee and computer starts my day.

Boys' lunches

Love this Succulent.

She was cracking up because she saw I had attempted a selfie in bed that morning:)

Max needs to do 3 days ago;)

Max's prized possessions. He is a sneaker junkie.

A glimpse at Brandon's desk.

Getting ready.

Al drives our neighborhood's bus route...ironically Alli never makes it.

Back home from bringing Alli to school and updating my calendar with this weekend's basketball schedule.

Al and I chose a different route to walk today and traveled a little bit down some railroad tracks.

Beautiful blue sky today.

Taking advantage of the warm weather to wash the car.

Alli is selling lots of her American girl stuff...I am going through it and organizing it.

Basketball carpool tonight.

Got to see Mason when I got to work today:)

A glimpse of Brandon at work.

Picking up Alli from dance...she got her acro costume today.

Everyone home.

Our DVR...chose the Goldberg's tonight.

Reading a little while we watch Goldberg's.

That's a wrap on Thursday! Thanks for stopping by!

Week In The Life | Wednesday

Hi everyone! Here are my Wednesday pictures...

Washing dishes...I almost always save them for the morning.

Reading before breakfast.

Cereal and bedhead...she sits like this often while eating breakfast.

Making my breakfast...oatmeal, always.

Ready and waiting for his brother to drive him to school.

Waits until the last minute to get up and ready.

Dance/acro moves in the kitchen, always.

Making her bed...super into pillow arrangement.

A couple of jumps before school.

Brandon home early to go to a UNH award ceremony with Grampa, Billy and Holly. 

Stopped in Hobby Lobby today to see if they have anything cute for Alli's walls.

Half day at the high school today and the freshman had a frisbee tournament...Max's team won!

Trying a new pick up routine with Alli today...trying to get her home earlier.

Max relaxing after his frisbee tournament.

Starting dinner...American Chop Suey tonight.

Love my succulents.

Things that make me happy at work...loving the sun and artwork.

Max helped at work tonight and asked for a gas station drink as reward.

She was on the trampoline again when we got home.

I asked them for a selfie and they said yes.

Telling me about the play coming up for her grade and the part she hopes to get. She is going for a big part.

Book light reading before bed.

Thanks for stopping by!

Week In The Life | Tuesday

Here are my Tuesday photos:

Beautiful sunrise this morning.

Max watching basketball highlights while eating breakfast...its playoffs right now so lots of basketball on our tv these days.

Attempting to wake up Alli.

The pile of shoes by the door that drives me crazy...but everything looks better with sunflare, right? (I WILL MISS THIS SOMEDAY)

Max getting ready to head out the door. Two bags...backpack and track shoes.

Breakfast for me...oatmeal everyday.

The view out my window of my boys driving away to go to school.

Al home in between morning bus runs. Checking his glucose reading. He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in December.

Alli putting her breakfast dishes in the dishwasher.

Al captured this sweet moment of me and Alli this morning. She was stalling getting ready.

4 mile walk for me this morning.

Target run...tis the season for allergy meds for me. 

Lunch smoothie ingredients.

Lunch in my office.


Afternoon coffee.

Picking up Alli from school.

On the trampoline as soon as we got home.

I had dance carpool today.

Track meet for Max. Got his Personal best in the triple jump today with a 33' 9" jump.

Dinner...Hamburgers and tuna macaroni salad.

And that's a rap on Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by!