Thursday, May 12, 2016

Week in the Life | Monday

Hi everyone! So I had bought a kit and had every intention of playing along with Ali Edward's Week in the Life. And then on Sunday the day before WITL was to start I had major dance competition hangover...the kind that involves no alcohol but is just due to a full day of dance:) And it was Mother's Day and my house was an absolute disaster. And so I second guessed doing WITL because I did not want to take pictures of my messy house...literally every inch is a mess.  We had just done a major room switch a couple weeks before and are still not completely done with that an dI just did not want to deal with it on Sunday. But then I woke up Monday morning and decided to pick up my camera anyway. I thought maybe I could work around the mess. And then I took this picture while trying to wake up my daughter, full on disaster bedroom, and I thought to myself "SOMEDAY I AM GOING TO MISS THIS". And then it all hit me. My oldest is graduating high school in a bout a month and in a few months he will leave for college and our lives will drastically change. SOMEDAY I AM GOING TO MISS THIS. And that someday is coming very soon. So with that as my photo prompt of the week I decided I am in...I am so in.

So here is a look at our Monday...

My day starts with coffee...always.

Making lunches for the boys...turkey for Brandon, Ham for Max. And yes, they both like different kinds of rolls.
emptying the dishwasher.

Max get up on his own...Brandon and Alli need help:)

Breakfast for Alli.

Time to make the bed.

Happy to see Brandon has made his bed this morning...doesn't always happen. He is enjoying having his own room.

Before heading out the door for school Alli discovered she can reach the top of the fridge...she was very excited.

Four mile walk for Al and I .

Doing payroll for work.

Alli home from school...she is laughing because she saw me pick up my camera and was trying to hide from it:)

Homework on the couch before heading to dance.

A little trampoline before dance too. We are so happy to see the sun today!

At my "night job" (which is cleaning my own business).

Turkey hot dogs and tuna macaroni salad for dinner.

On some nights I pick a "Surprise Stuffed Animal" out from Alli's stash and she guesses what it is...she loves it and I am so glad I captured it:)

And that's a wrap on day 1! I am not committing to sharing every day of the photos on the blog but I will definitely share the album when I finish.

Thanks for stopping by!

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