Friday, May 13, 2016

Week in the Life | Thursday

Back again with my Thursday photos...

Coffee and computer starts my day.

Boys' lunches

Love this Succulent.

She was cracking up because she saw I had attempted a selfie in bed that morning:)

Max needs to do 3 days ago;)

Max's prized possessions. He is a sneaker junkie.

A glimpse at Brandon's desk.

Getting ready.

Al drives our neighborhood's bus route...ironically Alli never makes it.

Back home from bringing Alli to school and updating my calendar with this weekend's basketball schedule.

Al and I chose a different route to walk today and traveled a little bit down some railroad tracks.

Beautiful blue sky today.

Taking advantage of the warm weather to wash the car.

Alli is selling lots of her American girl stuff...I am going through it and organizing it.

Basketball carpool tonight.

Got to see Mason when I got to work today:)

A glimpse of Brandon at work.

Picking up Alli from dance...she got her acro costume today.

Everyone home.

Our DVR...chose the Goldberg's tonight.

Reading a little while we watch Goldberg's.

That's a wrap on Thursday! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics. Life seems to be so peace in your home !