Monday, November 3, 2008


FInally getting around to posting about Halloween!

Had my first little princess:

She was so in love with this costume...especially the shoes...and has worn many times a day since. She told everyone "I beautiful". And couldn't get enough of herself in the mirror:
IMG_9714 resize

I also had a football player...Randy Moss, to be exact:

IMG_9862 resize

And Brandon was a box..."Boxman" is a character from you tube that he thinks is hilarious...
IMG_9895 resize

I wasn't so sure but it was kind of funny when he would fall down:
IMG_9896 resize

And the other kids would attack him:
IMG_9908 resize

Hee, hee, hee...

Max's friends joined us for trick or treat:
IMG_9917 resize

And Billy and Holly too...
IMG_9925 resize

A fun time was had by least half way around the neighborhood until half of us were freezing our buts was very, very cold!

The next night (which was actually Halloween...we trick or treat on the 30th for some reason here) the kids had the annual Halloween Howl which is a dance party at school, so they got to dress up again. We still had a princess and a football player, but Boxman turned into Barack Obama because the box was not going to work at a dance party:
IMG_9991 vig resize

They had a blast, especially Ally who cut a rug all night long.

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