Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random photos from Florida

This was the scene for much of the trip in Florida:


And what you heard was the siblings asking "when is it my turn?"

And Ally loved this:


She loves "The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" lately.

The kids did lots of swimming...they especially loved that they could swim at night. I didn't get a ton of pictures but here is a couple:


Ally in her pool get up...a little extra protected:


Just plain fun:




My pictures from Thanksgiving came out horrible..no good group shots whatsoever. Here's a couple of random ones:

Ally watching the parade:


and then falling asleep right after i got her dressed:


Woke up as soon as i moved her ans we ended up having to take her for drive later to get a nap in.

This one was exhausted:


He hurt his thumb playing football and cried himself to sleep and woke up crying so we took a little trip to urgent care for an xray and everything is a okay! He is much better now!

a cute one of Holly:


And this is how Ally eats her cereal now...or should I say drinks her milk! This time she actually took all the cereal out and put it on the table so she could drink the milk!


But put milk in a cup and she won't touch it!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Disney World

We have survived our two days of Disney...everyone is exhausted. It was tough to do what everyone wanted to do with such a big group of us...and on top of that it was insanely crowded! The Magic Kingdom on Sunday was the most crowded I have ever seen it. It mad picture taking tough so my pics are not great. Here are some:

Lots of Ally hanging out while she waited for the big kids on rides



The only glimpse we got of Mickey was on the parade




Ally loved the parade...she just kept waving at all the characters.

We ended our day at Magic Kingdom with this sight


At Animal Kingdom I got even less good pictures but we did finally get to see a couple characters up close:


Ally was enthralled with them. Max was in a little show:


We saw lots of great animals on the safari, lots of elephants especially


the kids enjoyed lots of ice cream treats


But this ride was the highlight for the bigger kids (and me!):


This is Mt Everest..the newest ride at Animal Kingdom. The kids had really been looking forward to this ride. We got fast passes early in the day but could not use them until 5:30 pm. Well, later in the day we heard that the ride had been shut down twice and people were stuck in it. So us adults had decided that we would just tell the kids that it was closed for the rest of the day even if it was up and running again. but a gliche in our plan...they saw it running again and begged and pleaded to go. So Uncle Scott and I decided to brave it and take them on. Well it wasso worth it! It was the best ride I have ever been on...and we didn't get stuck!

So all in all we had a great time...no good group shots...but a fun time!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Together Again

At last...


Its been 3 1/2 months since they have all been together...it used to be an almost daily occurance. They have missed each other so much and have picked right back up where they left off...



These were taken at Brett and Jake's last baseball games which were so much fun. Brett was pitching and he was awesome!



And jake was adorable...



There's been lots of swimming and one of two Disney trips so far..lots more pictures to come!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


We've been enjoying it! And I actually got a photo where they are all looking at the camera!!


We leave for Florida tomorrow night...so excited!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Abenaki Halloween Party

The kids look forward to this party every year. They had a great time but were definitely missing Brett and Jake who have always been there with us...but we will see them soon!!! This year actually seemed much mellower than usual even though i had a toddler and two extra kids by myself....Grampa was a big help!

A picture from before we left:


Ally was a Boston College Cheerleader for the party


And of course Harry Potter and the Pirate



At the party, hanging with Grampa


Billy...blending into the wall with all his camoflauge


Scary dead Bride Holly


Painting Pumpkins



decorating a bag


I tried hard to get a decent group shot...this is the best I got:


We had a great time and can't wait for the Christmas party!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Gallery

I wanted to post this yesterday but things were so hectic i didn't get to it. The new Gallery is up at A Million Little Things!. Check it out HERE. Love being part of this team...surrounded by super talented scrapbookers...and this month's stuff does not disappoint!

Wow...a post with no photos!

New Gallery

I wanted to post this yesterday but things were so hectic i didn't get to it. The new Gallery is up at A Million Little Things!. Check it out HERE. Love being part of this team...surrounded by super talented scrapbookers...and this month's stuff does not disappoint!

Wow...a post with no photos!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


The Kids Had a blast as usual. It was so nice out this year which was nice...didn't have to bundle them up! We even had TiTi come over and hand out candy so that we could all go out together. i didn't think Ally would last long but she made it the whole way. She didn't visit every house but quite a few. Lots of pictures to share.

Brandon was a pirate..he used his costume from 2 years ago..


Have you ever seen a cuter Harry Potter?


And our little witch..who wanted nothing to do with her hat which is weird because she loves hats! We had to distract her with agranola bar for photos!


A few more:



Check out this face:



Going to her first house


She did not want to let go of these M&Ms for a very long time


And one more:


I have lots more pictures to share from the Abenaki Halloween party last weekend..I'm still editing...Its been a busy week with work and three photo shoots and Halloween!