Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ally's new "hair" and, of course, the puppy

Auntie Kerrie gave this wig to Ally on her birthday in January but she was a little afraid of it then. I tried a few times to get her to wear but she wouldn't. Well, this morning, randomly, when she got out of bed she found it and immediately put it on and wore it all day long...literally, sun up to sun down..She thinks she is Sharpay from High School Musical:


She loved playing with it, always touching it:

Dancing around in it:


And how adorable is she from behind?

She took it off a couple times and forgot where she put it and would walk around asking "Where my hair?"  Too cute!
Speaking of cute, I have to share a few more pictures of Rosie:




And one last one..I know it is a little blurry but I love it...this is what I see when I look down...she is always at my feet!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Cousin vs. Cousin (again)

This time it was football. It was an exciting game...both teams played great. In the end Billy's team came up with the win..I think it was 30-20. I have rented the Canon 70-200mm lense  for a couple of weeks because I have not been happy with my football pictures. I think I am in love with this lense!  I didn't like it at first because it is very heavy but it did wonders for football. It will be hard to send it back in a couple weeks!

Here some pics from the game (Brandons team is blue, Billy's is white)
No idea what he is yelling here...I've got to ask him








Shaking hands after the game

And two cutie patooties, Holly and Rosie:
IMG_9179 1

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Look what we brought home this weekend:


This is Rosie. 
We had only been talking seriously about a dog for a week or so and researching hypoallergenic breeds ( I am allergic to most). There wasn't a whole lot on the list that we wanted until I came across the Yorkie. I was sold, Al not so much. I emailed a local breeder who told me she had a female available and ready to go. i didn't think it would happen that fast...I thought I would have to wait for a litter to be born and then wait for it to be old enough but this one was ready right now. We had to decide pretty quick because she was the last one...so I went to meet her Friday night and ended bringing her home with me!

And I am so glad I did...everyone loves her, even Al. And so far so good with house training and sleeping, although i know that could change, but I hope it doesn't.

She's sweet as can be:
Loves this Webkin:


And this is where she slept her first night:

We had nothing that first night because it all happened so fast. Luckily my friend Amber brought be a food and water dish and that cute little sweater that her dog had outgrown. We did go get a small crate and other necessities at Petco yesterday but I have to admit that last night she slept in our bed...and that is fine with me!

Monday, September 15, 2008

She has learned to love this...


Its hard to believe that there was a time that she didn't really enjoy the swing. She would ask to swing and then pretty much immediately ask to get out. Now she is obsessed and we usually have to bribe her to get off.

"up to the sky" she says



Her other favorite thing at the park is playing McDonalds or Ice Cream Truck

Daddy played along which makes her so happy


Friday, September 12, 2008

His First Official Game

Finally! This game was rescheduled twice because of rain...we were beginning to think it was never going to happen but it finally did last night. And it was so exciting!It was a close game the whole time but we ended up winning 22-18. Brandon did so awesome...i was totally impressed. He made the first play of the game right off the back receiving the ball on the kick off and running a bit. It was very cool to hear his name announced after every play he made. Makes you want to shout "that's my boy"! Since it was an evening game the lighting was not great for pictures but I managed to get a few. Football is a tough sport to photograph!




That's Brandon...#20
And here he is again pushing this guy out of his way:

So he could make this tackle (that's him on the ground pulling this guy done):
IMG_5619 bw

For a little guy, he's pretty tough...I'd be scared of this:
IMG_5634 bw

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Couple of Layouts

These two are from AMLT last month. This one was for a color challenge to use blue, green, and pink and it is one of my favorite layouts to date


And this one was an assignment to use specialty papers. I used embossed cardstock from Love, Elsie and some KI lace paper:

And it was my turn to post on the AMLT blog yestersay...check it out here.
Off to go scrap while Ally is napping!

Friday, September 5, 2008

September Gallery

The new gallery is up at AMLT...check it out here. We had fun with diecuts, tags and two pagers!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fun Times

Last Friday the kids were off from school so we decided to take them to Canobie Lake Park. We love this park because it is very clean, with lots of shade and benches everywhere. The kids love it because there is something for everyone...big rides for the bigger kids and a really great section of little rides that toddlers can go on by themselves. They also have a really fun (but a little crazy) water park section. Hard to get good pics at an amusement park but here are a few:

This was one of the few rides that Max was not tall enough for

So he hung out with us in Ally's section for a minute

He wasn't thrilled but he was a trooper

Last year he was so bummed to not be tall enough for this

(yes...that's my babies upside-down...Eeek!)
But he mad it this year. And on this crazy ride...I hate these spinning things:

Ally's favorite was the carousel:
IMG_5079 vig bw 
Love that picture!
We had a good time but I have to admit that I am all set with amusement parks for a while!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Still my little baby...

Just when I think she is growing up all in one weekend...sleeping in her new big girl bed, learning to pedal her tricycle


growing like a weed (she went from a size 6 shoe in June to a size 8 now and I just had to buy her some 3T!!), playing pretend all the time (here with her imaginary puppy)

playing like a big kid on the swingset

Just when I think my baby is a big girl, I walk into the kitchen and find this:


She had missed her nap and just couldn't make it, not even with ice cream! I took her  and snuggled her up and tried to soak up her babyness for just a little longer:)