Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A few more layouts

Still working on that pile of photos on my desk...

This one is my fave I think:

I think I went a little heavy on the mist on this one...need to keep practicing this technique:

And this one...
I think I only have a couple more layouts to make before I am done with that pile of photos...that feels good! Those photos have been there for several months! Glad to get them in my albums!


In the glow of the Xbox...Maxwell gaming. He had been gone for the afternoon at a friend's birthday party. They had gone to a Monarchs game and he had a great time...he didn't have much of a voice when he got home...a sign of a good time:)


Came across this sight and ran for the camera...such a rare moment, the two of them like this. Reminds me of the days when they used to play their DS's side by side on the couch. Love this:)


Max came home from school today and got right to work on his Valentine's for his class.


These crazy girls...had a blast CLEANING on their playdate today! They vacuumed and washed windows. Nejat told me that it was the best day of her cute! Here they are pretending the windex and paper towels are their babies...they are crazy!


Early morning, before school gaming. He has started playing his DS more lately...reminds me of the old days:)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scrappy share!

Thought I would share some recent layouts today...I have been on a role lately! I have printed quite a feww smaller photos over the past few months and i am accumulating quite a little pile of them on my desk. I have given myself a challenge to finish scrapping all of those before I print anymore! Here they go...

This picture was not in my pile but I ran across it recently looking through some older pictures and had to scrap it...look how cute and little he was:)

Feels good to make a dent in that pile...but I still have quite a few more pics left!


Max doing his homework after basketball practice. He got a really great report card last week. So proud of him!


Basketball again! This time Brandon's game at CMS.


Max had a sleepover with Sean, Matt and Cam so we invited Josh over for a couple hours in the morning to play...they had a great time playing trains and tinker toys and didn't bother their brothers much at all:)


We finally had a chance to go play in all this snow today....there is so much! Ally loves to play in it...Rosie wishes she could climb up there:)


Today was the 100th day of school for Ally! She had to bring in 100 of something...she chose marshmellows! We used toothpicks to make them into 100.


Ally asked me to play house with her this morning...I have never heard her use this term before! I used to play house all the time when I was a little girl and had fun playing with her. She doesn't play with babies much these days so this was nice!


Ally playing with her American Girl dolls...she loves to play doctor with them.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Ally brought home some blank journal pages from school and wanted to write. I gave her my date stamper from my Project Life kit to put the date on the page like her teachers do...she thought this was fantastic. In fact, there was more stamping than writing:)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Brandon had a home game tonight against the other CMS 7th grade team. He played great, especially his defense...guarding the best kid on the other team.


Max's AAU travel team cam in runner up in this weekend's tournament. This team plays with all their heart, with everything they have.  They lost by 4.  So proud of them!


Ally wrote us this little note this morning...Love it:)


Ally bought this new toy with some of her birthday money...and this is very typical of her right now doing a headstand in the background...she is always doing handstands, headstands and cartwheels!


We had a two hour delay today which gave us time for a little dance party in Ally's room this morning. I found some old kids music cd's like Disney and Kids Bop from when the boys' were little and she is loving them.


We've discovered this new trick of Rosie's...Ally puts her toy on her head and Rosie can jump all the way up and get it! This did this for quite a while tonight.


A rare picture of Ally coloring in a coloring book...she loves to draw and paint but says she doesn't like coloring. She got this color wonder coloring book for her birthday and things were magically appearing...she thought that was very cool!



Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Max played with some fellow Journeyman at halftime of the UNH basketball game today. We all dressed in Journeyman gear and had a fantastic time. Max played great and got a trophy for scoring the most points. He was so thrilled!