Friday, March 28, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We had a really fabulous, low key day. It started for me with this greeting which I get every morning...her waiting at the end of her crib for me:


And then she pointed out her basket to me which she was completely content to marvel at from afar:


The boys had already tore through their baskets but were so exctied to help Ally with hers:


These bubbles were her favorite:


The boys got the speed stack cups which have been a huge hit:


The only planned activity we had all day was the egg hunt which was at our house this year. We missed Brett and Jake but were joined by Teagen and Keara which was fun.


It was freezing! I do not remember an Easter this cold ever! But the kids had a blast. Grampa helped Ally:


And she has enjoyed going through all her eggs:


The boys were hard to get on camera...they were fast...but here's a couple:



Phew...that was a lot of pictures! Hope you are checking them out from Florida Nana! We missed you all this Easter!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Please help a good cause...and a chance to win a prize!

My friend Kristina who is on the design team with me at AMLT, is working to help her friend raise $1200 for MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) by April 2nd. Jill Hicken, the owner of A Million Little Things, is offering a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to AMLT to everyone who donates $5 to this great cause. So for every $5 you donate your name gets put into a drawing for this awesome prize! Please help them reach their goal! HERE is the link to donate...put "AMLT" next to your name to be entered in the drawing. Good Luck! I will leave this pinned here at the top through April 2nd.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I still can't believe it is Easter is so early this year...and still so cold. Hasn't felt like Easter was coming which is probably why we waited til the last possible minute to dye our eggs. This was yesterday:


This was Alliana's first time and at first she wasn't sure what to make of it. But it didn't take long for her to get completely immersed:






(when she saw this last photo on the screen she said "Oh Ally! Big Mess!")

I honestly thought her little hands would be stained for a week but after a half hour soak in the tub they are good as new!

And I love that the boys still love this activity much so that we went and got more eggs and are going to dye more this afternoon!





I will post more pictures from today later after I finish editing them...The Easter Bunny was very good to them once again!

Hope everyone is having a great Easter!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Its a special day...

Today is our 6th anniversary at Appleseeds. Can't believe we have been open for six years...its gone by fast. Seems like yesterday we were unpacking boxes and setting up furniture...seems like yesterday we were getting 60 brand new children to nap on their very first day together. And now we are at 120 children and going strong. So here's to us Kel! Looking forward to the next six!

And of course we will never forget on that opening day 6 years ago today, we welcomed our new nephew into the world too. (We were so thankful that he waited until after we closed on our first day!) Happy Birthday Jacob Parker Martin! Wish we could be with you today! Here's a picture of Jake from our Florida trip in November..way back when he was five and a half:


A special day indeed!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Random Post

Not a whole lot going on here this week...which is okay since last week was hectic with all three kids and myself being sick. Brandon, Ally and I all had a stomach bug and Max got strep again, poor guy. Spent much of the weekend trying to de-germ the house so I haven't picked the camera up in a while or scrapped. so here's a few random things:

First, a picture I told Kerrie was coming a week ago and finally got out of my camera tonight. She is wearing 3 of the four things Kerrie and the boys sent for her birthday...hopefully I can get a pic of her with the wig soon! She was feeling under the weather in this picture but this package cheered her up:


The kids did not have school today so Billy and Holly and Jocelyn came over for a bit this morning and brought us a surprise guest:


And of course they had to try CoCo out in all of the doll accessorries...she fit rather nicely and seemed to enjoy the stroll in the stroller! In less than two weeks CoCo will be a permanent resident here!

And lastly a few layouts from the past couple weeks:




That's about it for me tonight...gotta go finish watching Idol!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Little Artist

I kept Ally home from school today...she has a little stomach thing but i think it is all over now. We decided to do some painting. This girl loves her art! Since she had already taken off her clothes i decided she could forgo the smock...



Which of course led to some body painting:




I decided i needed to do some video taping of her as I do not have much video of her...boy did she come to life! I put the camera on the windowsill with the screen facing her so she could see and she turned into a total ham...



This is my favorite shot of the morning:


her skinny little belly...girl needs to eat!

Needless to say we had to squeeze in an extra bath...she wasn't mad...


Monday, March 3, 2008


We discovered the greatest thing this weekend...Backyardigan episodes on itunes!


I am sure I am the last person on earth to discover this...It is so great...I might actually be able to watch one of my shows on the tv now! I am still a little leary of Ally so close the the Mac tough...

And speaking of Ally...that is some hair huh?


Meet Coco:


Coco will be joining our family on Easter courtesy of Auntie Kelly who's bunnies had baby last month. It is purely a coincidence that they will be ready to leave their momma on Easter, but couldn't have been planned better. The kids are so excited I just hope he can survive Ally:


And here he is all cuddled up with his siblings...they are too cute:


Made this layout last week and I think it is my new favorite:


And lastly, our brand spankin new website at Appleseeds went live today. Check it out HERE. I just love the way it came out.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

More snow today...

We are getting so used to it by now! This turned out to be a pretty mild storm...actually pretty we ventured outside.

Brandon was having a grand ol a fun, goofy mood:




Snowballs were a flyin', especially at his sister who thought it was hilarious:



And Max was in a rare grumpy mood...but I managed to get some shots of him sneaking in a good time:


Brandon tried real hard to get the grumpies out of him:



Love these...actually made me kind of glad it snowed:) But I am so looking forward to the 50 degrees we are supposed to have next week!