Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Project Life Weeks 3 and 4

And here are weeks 3 and 4...

I am going to add a collage insert with more pics from Ally's birthday and our trip to the American Girl store but I just haven't made them yet.

And week 4...this is the week i sent my camera away so this is mostly iphone pics...and it turns out this is my favorite Project Life week yet! I love the different sized pics:
I got one of the Project Life stamps sets from Studio Calico..I got the Awesome set and it *is* awesome!!
I will definitely be using more iphone pics in my Project Life...I took pics where I normally wouldn't, like the bus stop, so i like that it adds more "real life".

Monday, February 13, 2012

Project Life Weeks 1 & 2

I have been plugging away with Project Life but have been very bad at sharing my pages. So here are the first two weeks. Nothing really earth shattering here, just the basics mostly. I did not buy a kit this year so my journaling cards are from lots of different places. Actually that is not completely true...I did by the Cobalt digital kit and printed them out but have mixed it up with lots of other designs. I also have the plain white grid cards and have been embellishing those, mostly with stamps.

Here is week 1:

And here is week 2:

I added an extra photo pocket for a few more birthday pics:

And an extra photo pocket here too:
I have weeks 3 and 4 done too but I'll save those for another day:)

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Couple More Layouts

Just sharing a couple of pages I did this past happy to be getting some more time in my scrap room:)

Love how this one of my three turned out...just makes me happy:
This is using Studio Calico's County Fair Kit. I think I am in love with this background paper and that round stamp:)

And this one of Max and Ally using the SC Brooklyn Flea Kit:

I also love the stamps that were in this kits addons. I am definitely becoming a big fan of embossing with zing...its addicting!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I've Been Without My Camera...

I sent my camera off to get cleaned about a week ago. I had no idea how much it was going to cost until the emailed they estimate to me...yowza! I had no idea how much that cost! So I told them to send it back uncleaned:(

But the good news is that it is back which means I could take pictures of the layouts I have been working on!

I'll share one today because this one deserves a post of its own. On Saturday night Ally swallowed a ring. I had put her and her friend to bed (she was having a sleepover) and a few minutes later she came out in a panic choking on a ring...very scary! She swallowed it down after a few seconds but said she could still feel off to the ER we went. I was fully expecting them to tell us it would come out the other end in a few days but after they took an xray they said it was stuck in her esophogus and would need to be taken out. They said there was no one that could do it at that hospital so they were sending us to Boston Children's Hospital, about an hour away.

It was scary...we thought she was going to need to be put under anesthesia ...but long story short the ring had moved to her stomach by the time we got to Boston and we were sent home to wait it out on the other end. Not fun, but a best case scenario for the situation.

I had my iphone with me so I took some pics while we waited. She kept wanting to look at the picture of her xray:) Here is the layout I made:

And we still have not seen the ring:(