Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random photos from Florida

This was the scene for much of the trip in Florida:


And what you heard was the siblings asking "when is it my turn?"

And Ally loved this:


She loves "The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" lately.

The kids did lots of swimming...they especially loved that they could swim at night. I didn't get a ton of pictures but here is a couple:


Ally in her pool get up...a little extra protected:


Just plain fun:




My pictures from Thanksgiving came out horrible..no good group shots whatsoever. Here's a couple of random ones:

Ally watching the parade:


and then falling asleep right after i got her dressed:


Woke up as soon as i moved her ans we ended up having to take her for drive later to get a nap in.

This one was exhausted:


He hurt his thumb playing football and cried himself to sleep and woke up crying so we took a little trip to urgent care for an xray and everything is a okay! He is much better now!

a cute one of Holly:


And this is how Ally eats her cereal now...or should I say drinks her milk! This time she actually took all the cereal out and put it on the table so she could drink the milk!


But put milk in a cup and she won't touch it!

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