Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

were both such a blast! Christmas Eve we opened presents with Nana and Papa at auntie Kelly's house. Ally was enjoying standing on the presents...


until she fell through one...luckily it was her own! She was so thrilled with the Sing and Spin Pablo and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse from Nana and papa


Max was psyched for this toy


And Brandon got a Pokemon sleeping bag which I didn't get a picture of...he has slept in it every night!

Christmas morning was so great...the kids woke up a little before 6am which is good considering in years past they have been up at 4:30! Santa was very good to all of us! Love this shot of everyone's favorite gifts...can you tell who looks the most excited?:


Ally loved her stocking:


and her new monkey baby doll swing


Brandon got Heelys and is beyond thrilled and he and Max got some cool new Wii games.

Later that day we visited with Grandma and then to Auntie Kellys for a yummy dinner with the whole nice to have all the cousins together again:



I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!!

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  1. Great pics! I love the one of allie looking in her stocking. so cute!
    Can i have copies of those group shots?