Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yeah...it finally worked!

IMG_9498 vig

Its officially summer 'round here.  The telltale sign...the first trip to Grampa's pool! We've been waiting all winter for this and hope to spend much of the summer here!
IMG_9508 vig

IMG_9519 crop vig

Another sign of summer...finding these in the yard:
IMG_9494 vig

They aren't usually this big...this is the biggest one we've had in the yard in our five years of living here. it still a thrill to find them each year no matter how big.
And still lots of baseball going on here. A couple from last Saturday:
IMG_9430 vig

IMG_9452 vig

Brandon played Billy's team again... Here's a shot of Billy up to bat while Brandon was catching:
IMG_9473 vin

And a great shot of Auntie Kelly and Holly:
IMG_9486 vig

It was super hot and one of the longest games we've had...good thing we had shade and good company:)

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