Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spring Fever

I am so ready to get back outside with my ready for spring! We've been lucky to not have had much snow (knock on wood) this winter and have even had some warm afternoons this week. So while Ally played on one such afternoon last week I decided to play too...with the pretty late winter light.

She loves the motorcycle she got for Christmas:

IMG_5945 wow 

IMG_5968 nc3
I've been playing around with some actions too...trying to find the perfect black and white. I really want Totally Rad Actions but they are just not in the budget right now. I am using mostly Itty Bitty Actons and Pioneer Woman now.

IMG_5977 nc3 lkbw
IMG_5929 fc hkbw
(Loving the sun flare)

Also, I did a layout on the A Million Little Things Blog for the color challenge...check it out! Lots of great new product in the store too...yah!!


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  1. she is just so stinkin' adorable, katie! that motorcycle is so cool...i'd drive on like that. lol. i love all the photos...awesome job, girl! & the totally rad actions are 'em and totally worth the investment. but i understand being hesitant to take the plunge! :)