Sunday, December 29, 2013


Hard to believe that Christmas has already come and gone! I love the whole month of anticipation in December but this year it all seemed to go extra fast. I wish we could savor it a little longer. For me this year unfortunately Christmas Day and Eve were a little less enjoyable for me due to a nasty cold that actually made me end my Christmas night in the ER with an asthma attack. I had been having trouble for a couple days but kept thinking I could just push through, keep taking my inhalers and be fine but by the end of the night it was clear that wasn't working. Luckily they fixed me right up and I am much better now. But I am a little disappointed in how my pictures turned out from the day because I just couldn't really focus on it because, well, I was trying to breath:)

Anyway here is some of my favorites of what I did get from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
We always go to my sister's house on Christmas Eve which we did again this year. I was glad Brandon was able to join us after having to miss it last year because he was sick. This was the first year in 3 Christmas's that he hasn't been sick on Christmas. We got to hang out with my step brother and his family. We always try to get a cousin picture in front of the tree:

Then it was time to get home and ready for bed. Ally and her doll were ready for Santa:)

Santa came!

She was over the moon excited to open her new dance bag and dance jacket from her studio…she has wanted these for a very long time!

This shirt is soooooo his personality…and he loved it!

Brandon actually put a book on his list this year!! I was so happy to find out it was the first in a trilogy so I got him all 3…love to see hime read:)

Max was psyched about this Nike Elite backpack…another surprise gift that was a hit!

Their favorite gifts…new sneakers for the boys and American Girl doll for Ally.

 Flutterbye Fairy…so fun for the 24 hours that she lasted:(

New doll clothes from her cousin.

Playing the day away...

Brandon's new set up:

We had my family over for Christmas dinner and watched some home movies after we ate.   This is where the pictures start to get really bad…I was just trying to breath after all:)

New mouse to complete his new set up;)

Max was so happy about the game he got from Nana and Papa…Fifa 14.

And Ally got a beautiful jewelry box with dancing ballerina and her name on top…she loves it!

And another cousin pic just swapping out some cousins:)

And then I went to the ER:)

Despite the breathing issues it was a great Christmas. I do wish I had gotten more pictures with the rest of our family and a family pic in front of the tree but oh well…there's always next year:)

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

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