Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Off to Florida!

I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow for a quick visit with Kerrie and the kids. Can't wait to see them and check out their new town. Excited and nervous...scared to fly and leave my kids. Hoping I will get some sleep while I am there...haven't had much in the past week. Not sure if it is the Claritin or just plain old insomnia.

Didn't due much this weekend becuase of the lack of sleep catching up with me. But yesterday I did manage to bring the kids to Grampa's pool and then do a little beach photo shoot with them that I have been meaning to do all summer. Seeing as I was by myself they didn't come out the greatest...I always had to have my eye on Alliana who I thought for sure was going to dive in the water at anytime. i think they had fun though. Here are my favorites:






I'm gonna miss them so much!

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