Tuesday, February 5, 2008

He Worked So Hard For This...


He wanted Guitar Hero in a bad way. He and Max pooled their allowance earnings together and need $25 more so Brandon began asking what he could do to earn this money. I jumped at the chance to get his room clean again so I told him $5 for that and then thought long and hard about what they could do to earn the rest. Brandon has had state capital test every Friday and has been struggling with them. So I told him $10 for an A on that and his vocab test and he had to finish the book he was reading (he had one week). Max had to finish Frog and Toad and learn to tie his shoes. Well Max was tying his shoes the very next day and had finished his book and Brandon hit the books hard studying. His book was finished and he new all his vocab and states by Tuesday for his tests on Friday...I was so proud and so was he. Needless to say, he earned that Guitar Hero. He actually got an A+ on his States test! And of course he is already really good. I, on the other hand, get booed half way through the song...it is really hard!

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