Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baby Armani

So I bought this baby doll with car seat for Ally back in November and planned on giving it to her for Christmas. When Christmas came I thought I had gotten her too much so i put it away for her birthday. Then her birthday rolled around and I thought she had enough baby dolls and I should return it to Toys R Us. But of course the receipt is no where to be found. And after about 20 minutes at the service desk at Toys R Us waiting for them to look for the receipt through my phone number, they told me they could not take it back. I left totally annoyed but Ally was pretty psyched to see that the doll was coming back in the car and asked for it immediately. And it turns out that the doll is pretty great and is her new favorite. It came in a car seat/carrier which reminded me of Armani who we just saw in her seat the other day. I said to Ally "this looks like Armani's seat" and she thought this was great and patted her doll saying "Armani" and kept calling her cute! This is the first doll she has named.

She is so in love...


She played with her all morning... buckling her in her seat:


Reading to her:


Carrying her around:


And I thought I should post a picture of the real Armani since she is the in one who inspired all of this play:

How cute is she?

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