Monday, January 21, 2008


Our Saturdays are filled with basketball games now and since this blog has been leaning heavily on the girl side i thought it would be nice if i posted a couple pics of the boys.

This is Max's first year of basketball...he was so excited and was missing having a sport in his life since the end of football. I forgot how funny it is to watch first grade is amazing how far they come by third grade. Max is such a this about him.


And Brandon's games have all been so exciting this year...really close games and he has made some critical points is one from a breakaway in this weeks game against the Newfields team...


(my basketball photography is horendous!)

I have lots of pics from Ally's birthday party this weekend that hopefully I will share tomorrow. And I think the terrible twos have already it hit and she has only been two for one week!

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