Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Poor baby...

sick on her birthday...


She had a fever and a bad cold...she was getting tissues all day (and wipes her own nose now!). And the blanky did not leave her side all day:


She would perk up from time to time during the day but for the most part was real mellow. She had found her presents in my bedroom early in the morning and would say "presents" and bring me up there several times throughout the day...she was pretty good about waiting for her brothers and daddy to get home but I did let her open a couple a little early. Her favorite present by far was a little bag of doll accessories:


She especially loves the little "chair" (its actually supposed to be a potty). She has been sitting her baby near her so she can play with her. Here they are playing farm:


We had cupcakes (she'll get her cake on Saturday at the family party) and sang to her after dinner


and ended the day with her favorite activity...a nice long bath:


And I am happy to say she is now feeling much better.

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