Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

Today she turns two...


I just cannot believe how fast these two years have gone. This day is bittersweet for me...two is the end of baby hood which makes me sad but I am also so excited for what this year holds for her. She is already talking more and more everyday, even some small sentences and i know it will not be long before we are having whole conversations with her. This year she will (try to?) learn the potty and move into a big girl bed (and hopefully stay in it all night long!). Her play is starting to change...she is pretending to cook for us, etc...I love watching it get more complex.

So yes, my last baby is growing up...sigh...

We did a two year old photo shoot the other day with my white seamless background. And even though I have the camera in her face every day I haven't done anything formal like this with her since last year:


She has changed so much (and so has my photography!)


She had so much fun doing this photo shoot...she would take direction from me so well which is weird because normally I have a hard time getting her to even look at the camera! And then every few shots she would come over and want to look at the pictures on the camera.





So Happy Birthday Baby Girl! I love you the whole world!

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