Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Random Post

Not a whole lot going on here this week...which is okay since last week was hectic with all three kids and myself being sick. Brandon, Ally and I all had a stomach bug and Max got strep again, poor guy. Spent much of the weekend trying to de-germ the house so I haven't picked the camera up in a while or scrapped. so here's a few random things:

First, a picture I told Kerrie was coming a week ago and finally got out of my camera tonight. She is wearing 3 of the four things Kerrie and the boys sent for her birthday...hopefully I can get a pic of her with the wig soon! She was feeling under the weather in this picture but this package cheered her up:


The kids did not have school today so Billy and Holly and Jocelyn came over for a bit this morning and brought us a surprise guest:


And of course they had to try CoCo out in all of the doll accessorries...she fit rather nicely and seemed to enjoy the stroll in the stroller! In less than two weeks CoCo will be a permanent resident here!

And lastly a few layouts from the past couple weeks:




That's about it for me tonight...gotta go finish watching Idol!

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