Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Its a special day...

Today is our 6th anniversary at Appleseeds. Can't believe we have been open for six years...its gone by fast. Seems like yesterday we were unpacking boxes and setting up furniture...seems like yesterday we were getting 60 brand new children to nap on their very first day together. And now we are at 120 children and going strong. So here's to us Kel! Looking forward to the next six!

And of course we will never forget on that opening day 6 years ago today, we welcomed our new nephew into the world too. (We were so thankful that he waited until after we closed on our first day!) Happy Birthday Jacob Parker Martin! Wish we could be with you today! Here's a picture of Jake from our Florida trip in November..way back when he was five and a half:


A special day indeed!

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  1. That is so nice! It made me cry a little. We really have accomplished something pretty awesome together! Yeah us!
    Love you,