Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Been neglecting the blog...

but I have a good excuse. We've been away visiting the most Magical place on earth:


We've actually been home for a couple of days now but I have been in a fog, trying to catch up on sleep, laundry, the house, work, etc., etc. Sorting through the hundreds of pictures I took is proving to be very overwhelming. Here are some of my favorites:

Our first day at Hollywood Studios...the boys braved Tower of Terror ( I hate this ride!)


Max as Darth Maul:


I was so excited for Ally to meet the Princesses, especially Cinderella. She was mesmorized as soon as she walked in the room. She did sit with Cinderella but then wouldn't go near the other two...but loved to look at them from afar.


I am pretty sure this is one of Max's greatest moments in his life...every little boys dream...battling Darth Vadar:


And of course it was so great to hang out with all the cousins:


Okay, that's enough for today..I've got a few more for tomorrow.

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