Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This is Hello in Ally speak:) She has been saying this to me a ton the past couple of days..like when she walks into the room and seems me and says "Hewoo", like she is just thrilled to see me...too cute! I had to grab the camera this morning when she was eating breakfast...she just looked so grown up to me:



Max's t-ball started this weekend...he's been ready for weeks so he was thrilled to finally start:


And when the boys were in the field Ally was doing a little role play:


And a couple more photos from Mother's Day...our annual photo together:


Just them:


And me and my boys:


I guess that is it for now...I'll have more baseball pics later this week because I will finally be able to get some of Brandon's game tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!

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  1. Katie - I love all of these pictures (and the movie too - really neat! I like that version of the song where did you get that?) You look so pretty in these pictures. I love the hoop earrings too. I want some of these will you email the link from snapfish?
    Thanks- love Kelly