Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fun Times

Last Friday the kids were off from school so we decided to take them to Canobie Lake Park. We love this park because it is very clean, with lots of shade and benches everywhere. The kids love it because there is something for everyone...big rides for the bigger kids and a really great section of little rides that toddlers can go on by themselves. They also have a really fun (but a little crazy) water park section. Hard to get good pics at an amusement park but here are a few:

This was one of the few rides that Max was not tall enough for

So he hung out with us in Ally's section for a minute

He wasn't thrilled but he was a trooper

Last year he was so bummed to not be tall enough for this

(yes...that's my babies upside-down...Eeek!)
But he mad it this year. And on this crazy ride...I hate these spinning things:

Ally's favorite was the carousel:
IMG_5079 vig bw 
Love that picture!
We had a good time but I have to admit that I am all set with amusement parks for a while!

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  1. Those are so awesome!!!! So cute!