Sunday, September 21, 2008

Look what we brought home this weekend:


This is Rosie. 
We had only been talking seriously about a dog for a week or so and researching hypoallergenic breeds ( I am allergic to most). There wasn't a whole lot on the list that we wanted until I came across the Yorkie. I was sold, Al not so much. I emailed a local breeder who told me she had a female available and ready to go. i didn't think it would happen that fast...I thought I would have to wait for a litter to be born and then wait for it to be old enough but this one was ready right now. We had to decide pretty quick because she was the last I went to meet her Friday night and ended bringing her home with me!

And I am so glad I did...everyone loves her, even Al. And so far so good with house training and sleeping, although i know that could change, but I hope it doesn't.

She's sweet as can be:
Loves this Webkin:


And this is where she slept her first night:

We had nothing that first night because it all happened so fast. Luckily my friend Amber brought be a food and water dish and that cute little sweater that her dog had outgrown. We did go get a small crate and other necessities at Petco yesterday but I have to admit that last night she slept in our bed...and that is fine with me!


  1. she is SO cute, katie!! how fun! i'm sure the kids are LOVING her! :)

  2. so cute! I thought Holly was going to make the blog for sure with all those cute pics of her....
    Ha - Ha! That Rosie is a sweetie.