Sunday, October 5, 2008

This week's games

These were my games with my rented lense because I have to send it back this week:( It was a lot of pressure because I still hadn't gotten the shots I wanted...but I am happy with what I got this time:) They both had great games.

Max ran almost the whole field for a touchdown:
IMG_6921 crop

The closer he got to me ( I was behind the end zone) the blurrier my pics got..I was so excited for him though that I couldn't be upset that I missed some pics! 

He also played QB for the first time:

And he couldn't find his mouthgaurd and was afraid they wouldn't let him play so he played the game with this look on his face, he told me later, to fool them...I guess it worked!

He was in all his glory when the game was over:

Brandon also had a great game. He made a lot of really great plays, made a nice catch, caused a fumble, and almost had an interception.

IMG_7074 crop


(he's #20)
And he was so happy to also play on offense and he got to carry the ball:
IMG_7145 crop



So hard to watch him get tackled...not sure I'll get used to that!

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  1. Katie- Nice shots! Noone told me he made a catch! That's terrific! I'm not sure I can look at those ones with him and #50 coming at him....he is a giant.
    Maxi Moo so great too! I guess I was talking when he was QB. He looked super!