Sunday, January 13, 2013

Catching Up

Bear with me while I play a little blog catch up:) I think I'll start with Ally's Christmas Butterfly show about a week before Christmas. This show was the whole reason why she was hoping to get her teacher, Ms. Megan. She puts this show on every amazing that she pulls this off with first graders. Every student in class gets their own is so adorable. Ally's part was the Dancing Doll...perfect for her! She opened the show by reciting a sweet poem that she had memorized:

Her Dancing Doll part was about 1/2 through the show:

After her solo and little dance normally 3 older girls come out and play 3 old dancing dolls...but this year for the first time ever her teacher had Ally, the little doll dance with the big dolls!! She was thrilled and I have to say...she nailed it!! 

She stole the show:)  It was such a great show, such a great girl was beaming:

It was such a fantastic way to kick off the holidays:)

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