Sunday, January 13, 2013


Another fantastic Christmas has come and gone. It goes by so fast. Poor Brandon was sick on Christmas again..last year he had strep, this year he had that nasty cough/fever virus that has been going around. He felt so bad that couldn't even make it to Christmas Eve at Kelly's. It was so weird with out him. Kelly only lives a mile away so we kept hoping he would feel better and we could go get him but he just never did:(

We exchanged gifts with Nana and Papa at Kelly's on Christmas Eve. Max was thrilled to get the Brooklyn Nets hat and Patriots pillow pet he has been wanting:

And Silly Ally:

Ally was super excited for her new Stompeez:

Christmas Morning  was magical as always...

Ally was so excited to get cole in her stocking (weird, I know) and Max got some long Nike basketball socks he has been wanting...
Brandon asked for money for Christmas which I thought was so boring until I googled some ways to creatively give money:) This was my favorite...he was showered with money:)

American girl heaven:)

Later in the day the Celtics played the Nets...Max wasn't sure who to route for:)
And our annual favorite gifts picture...I almost forgot to take it:)

It was a very Merry Christmas!

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