Saturday, October 27, 2007

This kid melts me

Poor was the last day of flag football. He has loved this game with all his heart. After the game today his coach was giving out certificates and saying a few words about each player. Max was one of the last ones...I was watching him and could tell he was getting emoitional...I thought maybe he was worried that they had forgotten him. when his coach got to him and was talking about his many touchdowns I could see the tears start to come. they gave him his certificate and he just lost it as he came over to me. I couldn't figure out what was wrong.



I asked him what was wrong and he said he was sad that it was over! Poor broke my heart! I have never seen him get like that ecept when his feelings are hurt or something..he was just so sad! His coach had a little talk with him


and he is feeling better now. His coach was a really great coach...super encouraging and made each of them feel special...I think he is a big part of the reason Max loved this so much. He is definitley looking forward to next year. His coach mentioned too that Max was the youngest on the team by a lot...sometimes I forget just how young he is. As fast as it all goes it is nice to be reminded of that!

They both won their last games today and of course played their hearts out:





Yeah, the field was a little wet! We are all defintely looking forward to next year...though I won't miss those 8 am games!

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  1. How sweet. I can't wait to get my babies involved in sports. The second picture of you baby boy just broke my heart. Awwww! Hey, the coach is kinda cute(bwaahaaa-haa!!)