Friday, October 5, 2007

We got the chair...

but you know the story...the box is way more fun!

Here she is decorating it with Backyardigan stickers


But she did get some use out of it later on, watching TV...again, it was the Backyardigans!


Not sure why but seeing her in this makes me happy! The boys like it too which is a problem...they are much too big and I am afraid they will rip it or something. I think once we knock that wall down in our family room they may need the bigger ones.

Ally and I also did some painting yesterday.


She wasn't so sure about the paint getting on her hands


But quickly decide that was great and dove right in, ditching the brush altogether!



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  1. What a's so true that the box is always more fun!! hehe. cute.
    Shannon G