Monday, January 23, 2012

The American Girl Store

So as I said, on her actual birthday we headed down to the American Girl Store in Boston. My sister and niece and some friends came with us. It was crazy crowded but we still had a great time. She had gotten Kit the night before from us:
She was thrilled! She had asked for Kit and McKenna, the new Girl of the Year, but we went with Kit because she has wanted her for a long time and has only known about McKenna for a couple weeks. McKenna is still on her wish list especially after seeing her cool stuff at the store. Here is her and her friend checking out her bed:
And she has a thing for the glasses:
She had gotten some gift cards for her birthday so she was in shopping heaven:
We surorised her when we got to the mall by letting her get her ears pierced...something else she has wanted for a long time. She was so happy! And we decided one of her dolls could get her ears pierced too. She decided on they are after we picked Julie up from the salon with their freshly pierced ears:
Some downtime while we waited for our table in the bistro:
Then came the bistro...her favorite part! She was beaming!

(Yes, she had to bring all 3 dolls!)

And this priceless face when she saw the waitress walking towards us with her special dessert and realized she was singing Happy Birthday TO HER...made it all worth it!
Such a fantastic day!

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  1. the joy on her face, makes me so HAPPY!
    NOTHING like a little girl at AG PLace!
    so special!