Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our Christmas

First of all...Happy new Year!! I love the fresh start of a new making goals and resolutions. Of course my biggest resolution is to get back this here old blog...hope I can stick with this finally!

To start things off I will recap our Christmas. It was wonderful. Ally woke up first at 5am. I tried to get her to wait until 6 but I couldn't get back to sleep so we decided to go downstairs. Max met us in the hallway and the 3 of went to see if Santa came...he did!
After taking it all in the two of them got started on their stockings:

Poor Brandon woke up not feeling well...found out a couple days later that he had strep throat:(
They started digging in to the gifts around 6am when Daddy and Brandon joined us downstairs:
Ally was very happy about Max's new aquarium too:)

The new xbox...he was very surprised!
A box filled with his favorite snacks...13 year old boys are hard to shop for!

Her biggest surprise...a new wii! Ours broke about 2 months ago and she had just started playing it a lot. She actually went to be crying the night before because she said she really needed a new wii and forgot to put it on her list! Luckily mommy and daddy had been missing their netflix too:)

Doing a happy dance!

Playing with her new American Girl stuff.

A fun Christmas breakfast thanks to pinterest...Reindeer pancakes!

Favorite gifts picture

Zonked out by mid morning:)

Getting her doll ready for school...both of her dolls got new backpacks...she loves playing scholl with them.

All decked out in their new clothes!

That night we had family over our house for Christmas dinner...a great way to end a great day. I am a litlle sad it is over but definitely looking forward to the new year!

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