Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week in the Life | Friday Sept 13

6:00 AM

 Waking up the boys.

 Morning ipod time for Max.

6:30 AM
 Making Max's lunch...Brandon buys.

7:15 AM
 Waking up Ally

 Getting her cinnamon sugar down for breakfast.

9:30 AM

I was going to skip my workout this morning but decided at the last minute I should go.

Dark sky/view from my scrap room.

and then the rain came.
and then it seriously poured buckets!

Perfect weather for working on Project Life! ( I was so glad to not have golf carpool today!)

Apparantly the dogs missed Max...they were literally on top of him when he got home from school.

Ally took this one...pulling into the parking lot of her dance was pouring again!


Decided to try something new for my stamp storage...I love it!


Leaving to go pick Ally up at dance and the sun was's weather was the weirdest!


Waiting for Max and friends to be done with football practice. Ally was watching (in her ballet clothes) a boy who was hurt leave practice and she said "that's why I don't play football!" LOL:)


Car full of crazy kids heading home.


puppy loving


Celebrating my nephew's 16th birthday!!


So I discovered from Brandon at the restaurant that he had a paper due at midnight...what??? I guess they email their papers these days and he had to have it in by midnight. Times have changed! He wanted me to read it and tell him if there were any errors or anything. Just what I wanted to do at 10PM on a friday night!

The final draft was finished and he sent it in. I was actually pretty amazed by the whole process. And I think it was the best paper he has ever written. It was about the American Dream and in it he mentioned that is dream is to join the Air Force and become a pilot! He has mentioned being a pilot a few times but I guess he is really serious. It both thrills me and scares me at the same time. So proud of him.

10:20 PM
And this was my view as I was saying goodnight...Max in bed and Brandon on the computer.

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