Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week in the Life | Monday Sept 9

For the first time ever I am participating in A Week in the Life. If you are not familiar with this project you can read more about it on Ali Edwards' blog here. Here are my pictures for Monday:

5:30 AM

Coffee and computer before everyone wakes up.

Buddy always climbs into this basket next to the computer and lays on the blankets while I have my coffee.

6:53 AM

Max getting ready to head out the door for school.

7:50 AM

Ally doing her hair before school.

8:00 AM

Ally playing castle for the few free minutes she had before school. She said to me "Who wants to take pictures of me playing castle?"

9:00 AM

Folding laundry.

9:20 AM

Heading to work to pick up my work for the week and then to workout.

12:25 PM

Doing payroll.

1:00 PM

Working on a scrap assignment.

2:30 PM

In the High School carpool lane picking up B for golf.

3:30 PM

Ally back to playing castle again.

4:00 PM

Going through Ally's school folder and found this...her school work about worms. Love the little glimpse at her day.

5:00 PM

Quick run to the store to get some things for dinner...checking out the cakes for Al's bday tomorrow.

6:00 PM

Good times at dinner:)

6:20 PM

Brandon and Ally doing kitchen chores.

Max shooting hoops.


Watching Big Brother on the DVR from the night before.

8:30 PM

Reading bedtime stories with Ally.

I might have gone overboard on day one! Feels like a lot!

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