Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week in the Life | Tuesday Sept 10

6:00 AM

Breakfast for Max...he was very grumpy. Having a rough time transitioning to these early mornings.

6:39 AM
Brandon off to school.

7:15 AM

Student drop off lane at the middle school after Max missed the bus.

7:30 AM

resting on the couch after getting an early morning wake up to bring Max to school after he missed the bus.

9:00 AM

Watching Under the Dome with Al while folding laundry and downloading photos.

11:45 PM

Lunch at the Olive Garden for Al's birthday.

1:45 PM
Afternoon coffee and a little online shopping at Elle's Studio and reading some blogs.

2:50 PM

Max home from school checking out the book fair flyer, telling me about his day, and starting homework.

3:00 PM

Brandon home from golf today because its raining.


Ally home from school and working on Daddy's birthday card.

3:50 PM

Max decides to make a card too.

5:15 PM
Home from football carpool and Ally is playing castle again:)

Picked up take out for Al's birthday dinner...went to Marshall's on the way to get shoes for a wedding this weekend.

7:00 PM
Putting in Ally's leave in conditioner after her shower.

Max home from football practice.

7:30 PM
 Giving Ally her braids for bedtime.


Now that everyone is home and has had dinner its time for Al's birthday cake!

And the kids gave him the cards they had made.

And then Ally prolonged bedtime with some flips on the couch:)


  1. What a great day! I love those birthday cards.

  2. awww, sweet bday cards. i do the same w/ Corinne's hair every night... makes both our lives so much better the next morning, lol. awesome day!!